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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 7, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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because of some technical difficulty the producers and used instant replay one time at the end of the game after a touchdown run. it confused viewers they inundated wondering if army had scored again. it hadn't. army lost. but football fans got to see the big play again 39 years ago today. 49 years ago today. instant replay. here's bill. >> laura: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> a royal family tragedy unfolding overseas as the nurse victimized in the kate middleton radio prank is found dead. an apparent suicide. geraldo investigates. >> when it comes to the fiscal cliff, the white house has wasted another week. >> is the president set on driving us over a fiscal cliff unless the g.o.p. caves or can a deal be made?
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>> our allies no longer trust us or have confidence in us and our adversaries no longer fear us. the president can make bold statements and bold talk but i don't care they care. >> rioting in egypt. civil war in syria. and radical hamas leader is welcomed in gaza. obama's mid ootion policy is in shambles and former vice president dick cheney says the president's failure puts us all in danger. >> gong ma'am style. >> i love this little chubby south korean guy. >> it's the most downloaded video of all time. >> this is the pony, remember chubby checker. >> gangnam style. >> and bill o'reilly sits down with jay leno. we'll show you the highlights from the late night gab fest. caution, you where to internet no spin zone. the factor begins right now.
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>> hi everywhere, i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. g.o.p. and post election blues. that's the subject of this evening's talking points memo many believe the president has the upper hand in the fiscal cliff negotiations. if we gopher 00 cliff republicans think they will get most of the blame. if they give in to tax hikes conservatives believe they will infuriate their base. senator rand paul even believes that since they have such little leverage in the talks of president obama. well, republicans should just get out of the way and let the democrats raise taxes as much as they want. and then let the president take responsibility for party of high taxes. now can i understand senator paul's thinking especially given the fact that the president has already announced ahead of his mano a mano meeting can john boehner that he won't concede an inch on tax cuts.
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this republican defeatism news broke of jim demint's departure from the senate yesterday. is he a tea party warrior and demint is a hero to part of the g.o.p.'s 2010 midterm route. now he is off to head off a think tank the heritage foundation. let's face it the g.o.p. needs new energy. it needs branding help. heck, we have a lot of issues resolve amongst ourselves before we even from a hope of rebuilding the movement to appeal to new generations of voters. of course, libertarians and social conservatives are probably never going abortion and gay marriage. they must find a way to agree on other critical issues. republican con sis tans on globalization, immigration reform, the china threat or middle east policy. conservatives couldn't even agree on sensible steps on healthcare reform other than to repeal obama care. the republican party will continue to be adrift unless
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conservatives, still the most influential group within the party have a clear sense of what they stand for and what policies will best serve their cause and the nation's. so beyond the fiscal cliff resolution, we need to find better messengers, better candidates who are also media and tech savvy. whatever our differences, we can all agree as conservatives on a philosophy grounded in limited government, the free market and the judeo-christian tradition and this should be attractive to young and old black and white male or female voters. the most important thing is that we not despair. the problems we face today are no worse than the ones conservatives faced in the 1970 os when remember they had to deal with a weak economy and aggressive soviet union and the fallout from vietnam. they overcame those problems and they changed the world for the better. we can do the same. and that's the memo. now on to the top story tonight. the president's refusal to
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budge in negotiations with the g.o.p. on fiscal cliff talks. joining me now university of chicago booth school of business professor and former chairman of the council of economic advisors under president obama, dr. austan goolsbee. dr. goolsbee, where is the stethoscope? come on, i see it there hello, good to see you, austin. >> hey, laura great to see you again. i painted the pictures why conservatives should figure it out and not be in despair. on the other side of the equation you have the president. let's say the president gets his tax hikes. you know, everyone thinks they are going to have higher taxes in the new year. so he gets tax hikes. but then what? i mean, the new normal that's being painted by your friends over at the oecd say our girls will probably be about 2.2%. 2% maybe if we're luck in next year. the new normal even with high taxes doesn't look good. >> yeah. let's hope it's higher than that i think it's going to be
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a bumpy 60 days in my view. fiscal cliff. as low as that 2% is. the awful state of the world right now is that is about the fastest growth rate of every advance the country on earth. that tells you exactly why the unemployment rate remains high and it comes down, you know, some as we saw in the jobs data today but not that fast. you know, i would say overall it's just moderately good news. >> austin, obviously you are not talking about china when you made that reference. china's economy. what did it grow at 7.2% recent numbers something like that? it's down a little bit. i will take those numbers. >> official numbers are. >> china growing at much faster rate than we are still with its own challenges. >> a whole lot poorer. starting from a whole lot lower base. of all the advanced country
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which i wouldn't count china's income is about -- >> laura: their economy is about to surpass ours. among the economists that's not debatable right now. that's getting us off to a different topic. let's focus on job growth in the united states. the new jobs numbers came out today, 146,000 jobs added. and that's okay. but it's really, again, not indicating any pathway toward the type of job growth that would need in a robust recovery. even assuming these tax cut hikes kick in if we don't go off the cliff, the new normal seems to be get used to low growth and probably job growth that continues to be anemic at best. >> yeah. it's a little better than anemic. but it's certainly not booming. it's better than the recovery in 2001. it's not near as good as the recovery in 1983. >> laura: what's the president's plan to get it going? forget the republicans for a
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minute. what is the president's plan to get us growing? he now won re-election. got more senators, got a few more congressman, how are we going to get the economy going? >> look, i think we're definitely not getting help from the rest of the world. so 90% of the what happens in growth has nothing to do with washington. it's coming from the private sector itself and we're overcoming a lot of difficulties. on the government side, i think the president's plan is let's grow from the middle out. let invest in the workforce. let's invest in rebuilding the infrastructure of the country. let's try time prove the competitiveness of u.s. industry and we have got to shift to more export and investment-led growth and away from residential investment and consumer spending. i think that's the overview of what he was saying in the campaign. and i think you are right, laura, that the only thick that we were arguing about was high income people's tax rates
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and should they go back to what they were in the 90's. that would be totally inadequate as a complete plan. i think in 2013, i wish we could do it before, but i think it's going to be 2013, i think we're going to sit down and they probably will hammer out something like a grand bargain. that would be a pretty big accomplishment. that will involve substantial -- will have to involve substantial spending cuts. >> we're not even talking about. republicans aren't making the case as far as i can tell for real spending cuts. i mean the president doesn't have to give in because is he not having to argue against anyone on those issues. dr. goolsbee it's great to see you as always. thanks so much. >> great to see you. >> laura: coming up next on the run down, as tensions boil over in the middle east. former vice president dick cheney lashes out at the president over his foreign policy. we're going to debate it plus the nurse caught in the middle of that kate middleton radio prank is found dead. did the hoax against the royals trigger her suicide? that report when the factor continues. i have a cold... i took dayquil,
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>> laura: in in the back the segment tonight. chaos of back drop incivility in parts of the middle east. former vice president dick cheney is now lashing out at president obama over his foreign policy our allies no longer trust us and our adversaries no longer fear us. when the the president can make bold statements and bold talk as he did in the last couple of days about developments in syria, but i don't think they care. barack obama isn't just dealing with his budget problems, he, in fact, is restricting the future capabilities of the next president two or three times down the road in terms of our capacity to be able to deal with fundamental threats to the united states. >> laura: of course, not everyone sees it that way. joining me now are former u.n.
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ambassador to the united nations under president clinton nancy and nile at the heritage foundation. all right, nancy, let's look at your reaction. dick cheney comes out and says we are not respected and not feared. chaos everywhere. and we're not really seeing leadership from washington. what's your reaction to that? >> he is just out of touch and should take a page out of president bush's book and stay on the sidelines, write his memoirs but he is really not looking at the world as it is today. president obama has made this world safer. he has restored america's respect around the world. and it's actually teed up to have an extraordinary second term to make progress to keep us safe on a range of issues. i'm sure that's what he will do. >> laura: if you are somebody who doesn't follow things closely but you look at the images on television and syria, clashes in egypt, islamism rising through the parts of africa. it doesn't look like
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especially religious minorities, cause of freedom is really being respected. it seems like chaotic is a very mild way of describing it. >> the world is chaotic. it was kay out particular under vice president cheney too. >> this is a lot different than it was during the bush years. >> it's different but i don't think it's necessarily worse or more dangerous or president obama's fault. if you step back and look at it we're out of iraq. under president bush's exit agreement. president obama followed that. we're moving out of afghanistan. building that country up. you have got democracy moving forward in tunisia and libya is certainly better off. if you look at a more complex issue, the nuclear weapons, president obama has done more than any other president to secure the very weapons that would be the most dangerous to us. >> laura: there you have it. nancy said libya throughout the middle east, iraq, afghanistan, these are signs of progress, a bumpy road. we all knew it was going to be
5:16 pm
bumpy. what's your reaction? >> i this that i nancy is living in cloud cookie land if she thinks the world is safer today under president obama. dick cheney is absolutely right. the world is far more dangerous today. there is a great lack of u.s. leadership under president obama this is the administration i think that has significantly led from behind. it's outsourced its own u.s. leadership on the world stage countries like france and turkey. this is not an administration that is interested in powerfully projecting american leadership internationally. we now see, of course, the middle east going up in flames. and there is absolutely no leadership whatsoever coming from washington at this time. i describe the obama president's foreign policy as an absolute disaster. one that has significantly undercut key u.s. allies, including of course israel and great britain while appeasing america's enemies on the world stage. from iran, for example through to sudan to north korea and now, of course, we see the
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situation in egypt significantly deteriorating. and barely a word of condemnation coming from the obama administration with regard to morsi's dictatorship in cairo. >> obviously retreating on freedoms without a doubt, clamping down on personal liberty, religious liberty. that's a big concern with morsi. and human rights activists around the world are very concerned about that we didn't mention benghazi yet. but obviously we have four americans dead. a brazen attack on our american installation. our mission there. ambassador had not been killed for decades around the world. u.n. ambassador. we killed bin laden but a lot of other things are alive and well and seeming to have a very brazen attitude toward bringing calamity and death uponns. >> not play that partisan. >> this there is legitimate questions about why there wasn't more secure around ambassador stevens and all mourn the loss of that there will be investigations on whether or not there was
5:18 pm
appropriate security provided him. but the larger issue in libya it is moving right direction much better off o. qaddafi and that would not have happened without president obama's leadership. i think freedom is actually on the march around the globe. things are moving forward in many countries. more than half the world's democratic america is actually respected more. those who don't believe that are frankly out of touch. and looking backwards. and this isn't an administration. >> laura: how does that effect us. when we have such a slow recovery or anemic recovery, whatever you want to call it it, we simply don't have -- i'm just making objective comment whether it's republican or democrat in power. >> dick cheney creating the crisis put that on the docket: it's why we absolutely have to get a budget deal. it's why we have to get our economy back on track. i think that's what the election was about that president obama just won the american public feels we are moving in the right direction i think we are as well.
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>> laura: nancy and nile thanks so much. apparent suicide of the nurse at the center of the kate middleton radio prank and george zimmerman's lawsuit against nbc. geraldo up next. for the lowest. and if it findone, you get refunded the difference. just use your citi card and register your purchase online. have a super sparkly day! ok. [ male announcer ] now all youeed is a magic carriage. citi price rewind. start saving at
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>> very disturbing story developing tonight involving the royal family and radio show hoax that took a terrible turn. the nurse duped into transferring a prank phone call has been found dead an apparent suicide. her body was found just yards away from the hospital where she worked. two days ago she received this call from australian radio pranksters pretending to be the queen.
5:23 pm
>> laura: joining me from new york is fox news host geraldo rivera who himself is a radio star. okay, geraldo. this is so heart-breaking and so sad. this thing that is so -- brings such great news to britain's new baby coming for the prince and princess and now this. where does this stand? >> first of all, at the very least you have two radio djs have invaded the privacy of a sick, pregnant woman. you know, regardless of who she is. and i think it is, you know, good news that michael christian and mel greg, the
5:24 pm
degees you dj's have been suspended or maybe fired by their boss. the prank not so malicious as many. have you got horrible ones where you have young teenagers who are seduced by the prank call thingy. it's some relative or a school counselor rerevealing details of sex lives, et cetera. there is nbc does to catch a predator and they sting people and go out and kill themselves. here it was just a kind of maybe benign in a sense but illegal in the united states. they are laws to protect the privacy of patients. what the nurse receptionist did in telling the callers what the condition of the patient was, you know, she had rest all the rest of it that would be impermissible in the united states. and the fact that it was the duke duchess of cambridge i think maybe makes it more
5:25 pm
egregious. pranks you and i do radio. we have -- you know, sometimes we have fun doing it. but to do it at someone else's expense in this regard is just horrible. now, something said that. i think to pin the suicide of the woman on the radio dj's is really farfetched. i spoke to some doctors today who told me that when someone is bound do kill themselves. the call may be the trigger but something else. to leave a husband and two small children behind there had to be something going on in this poor woman's head. this thing pushed her over the edge. >> laura: geraldo, it's part of the whole problem we have right now. we have a lot of problems in this country. this culture where the more outrageous or the more, i don't know, profane or the more you debase yourself, whether it's a sex tape or something else, the more attention you get. and it continues to raise the bar for outrageous conduct. you are right. this is kind of the prank and
5:26 pm
it ended up with horrible, horrible consequences. but it is part of that, you have got to titillate and titillate more and more and more. and it leads to consequences and things happening that the actors never intended. obviously they didn't intend for this woman to commit suicide. but it oftentimes ends up with bad things happening. in this case a tragic thing happening. part of this youtube or instant celebrity that people want and obviously just getting ratings. >> i don't even like surprise parties. >> i don't either, actually. you and i don't agree on a lot but i don't like surprise parties either. >> to do those kind of things in public, a prank is bad enough. you put a little farther balloon under an old lady when she sits down. those are great, my kids like that. you know the kids can do it in the privacy of their own home. that's one thing. even that prank in brazil where they had the child who looked like a witch or a ghost and the poor people in the
5:27 pm
elevator. you know, trying to get out thinking they were going to be possessed by the devil. >> i'm sorry i laughed at that. >> you also laughed when old ladies slip and fall sometimes. >> you laugh at that, geraldo rivera, i don't. we can condemn it for ourselves. don't do it. these guys the dj's the man and woman in australia paying a severe price. they must be horrified by the viral reaction and then the suicide. my goodness how dreadful can it be? you know, first of all, let's take it as lawyers. the privacy of the patient should be sacrosangt. should not be able to go there. there have to be regulations in this country it is is already covered. it would not happen here. >> laura: george zimmerman, only have 20 seconds. >> george zimmerman has a righteous beef against nbc. they edited the 911 call to make him appear a racist. they helped set the agenda that make this look like a
5:28 pm
white heartless person in this case he happened to be hispanic. a white heartless man killing a black unarmed youngsters. they help exacerbate the tension. they helped define the case. he has a righteous beef george zimmerman does. i also think the state in withholding the bloody nose shot of zimmerman until they were really frauded and pushed by the defense is unconscionable, bore derg on capitol hill violation by the prosecutor. i think george zimmerman is going to walk as a result. >> laura: i agree. that photo that was finally released is devastating. thanks so much. >> okay, laura. >> laura: plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. high times in washington state where smoking pot is now legal. but one problem is still against the law of the land. so what will the feds do? we're going to have a report. and the supreme court decides to take up two gay marriage cases so how will those come down? we hope you stay tuned for all those reports.
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5:33 pm
anyone can smoke pot in washington as long as they are own the age of 21. but possessing marijuana is still a federal crime and now the feds are scrambling to figure out what to do. joining us now to analyze in new york is attorney steve greeneberg and from l.a. attorney. first the united states supreme court today announced it will take up two gay marriage cases prop 8 out of california and the defense of marriage act case out of new york. the court could hear the cases as early as march. okay. two big issues here. let's start first with -- i think we will start with the gay marriage issue first and then we will go to the pot question. steve, how do you think it's going to play out the doma case prop 8 case how two different cases how do you think doma case. >> doma case involves whether someone who had lived with domestic partner for 45 years should have to pay estate
5:34 pm
taxes where if they lived as husband and wife she would not have to pay estate taxes and prop 8 involves whether or not gay marriage is simply legal. i think what we are seeing here they only need four justices to decide whether to take the issue. i think there is a little bit of politics there because if obama appoints more justices, they are not going to have to get the issue before the court. i think expect that the court going to say that gay marriage is legal just as they said you couldn't ban racially mixed racial marriages and things of that sort. you know, husband and wife, man and woman does not appear in the constitution. it's more a policy or religious decision than a legal decision. legally i don't think they can ban it. >> laura: i clerked at the court quite a few years ago now back in 1993. but predicting what the court is going to do is always quite difficult. everyone was shocked at john roberts holding in the healthcare case. but this obviously remains a hot button issue. now we have a number of states that have made gay marriage
5:35 pm
legal. a lot of other states not for us and mane it will change. we don't know. we don't know how it's going to develop. nevertheless the court steps into an issue like this. and resolves it before the people of the states resolve it. how do you think this will ultimately play out? >> >> laura, i think this is huge. first we have the supreme court deciding on obama care, immigration and now they have decided to make a ruling on one of the most controversial and divisive issues in this country. i agree with your other guest. i think that it's going to be -- you know, we only need five votes. we have the four and with kennedy who has been generally sympathetic on the issue of gay marriage that we are going to have five. i think the public sentiment is leaning towards allowing gay marriage. we have increasing states passing laws allowing gay marriage so i think it's going to be very difficult for the supreme court not to uphold gay marriage under equal protection. i have been wrong before so i can't predict for sure but these are my thoughts right now. >> let's talk about this otherh.
5:36 pm
so we got all these people. they are really happy out there in washington state. is it available in the coffee shops? you still can't sell it, right? it's a very odd thing in washington state. you can't sell pot yet because they haven't figured out the rules for doing so but you can smoke pot and now the problem, steve is of course we still have the federal controlled substances act on the books. and the federal government, the justice department said in a statement by u.s. attorney jenny durbin that selling or possessing any amount of marijuana remains illegal. and under federal law. and we have an obligation to enforce that law. so, there is still kind of looking at it but the law is the law, is it not, steve? >> it is. the reason you can't sell it yet under the washington law is they haven't figured out how to tax it yet which is really what is behind this making money. the feds are going -- i expect the feds are going to come in and start prosecuting low level here. you can't have an on issue
5:37 pm
like this states individually legislating, forgetting on this one the policy behind it or whether marijuana smoking should be legal and criminalized. a what are they going to do next in our state it's okay to burn the flag. in our state it's okay to do this or that. going to have a federal system anymore. >> conflicts. state and federal law. >> conflicts, right. >> the problem steve is it happened on dome marks right? it happened on the doma issue. because doma does address the general issue of man, woman, marriage. but then you have california, prop 8 and prop 8 struck down and movement in california. other states that have legal i seed gay marriage. maryland, for instance. so, it's not like the feds are going to try to enforce dome marks right? >> two different issues. one is criminal and one is something totally different. >> right, it's still selective. i'm not making a judgment. it's interesting that there are these conflicts. and this happens on not a lot
5:38 pm
of issues. and what's the latest with you on -- your name is so difficult to say but anna hita, what's your take on the pot issue? >> my take is that i would urge washington pot smokers not to rush out and pull out the cheetoes quite yet. because under federal law it is illegal to possess, to sell, to smoke pot. we know that federal law trumps state law. so i think not only will the federal -- the feds have an obligation to get in there and ensure that their laws are upheld. >> laura: their laws are on the books. whether immigration, their laws are on the book and we should enforce it shootout with devout atheist who wants to put the kibosh on christmas. set your dvrs, o'reilly and leno gangnam style.
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and cut! very good. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts. so we're taking you behind the scenes. this coffee cup, for example, is computer animated. it's not real. geico's customer satisfaction is quite real though. this computer-animated coffee tastes dreadful. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15 % or more on car insurance. someone get me a latte will ya, please? >> thanks for staying with us, i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. factor flashback. this year's ongoing christmas situation. many of the actions against public displays are christmas are taken of course by atheist organizations. bill recently spoke to david silverman president of the american atheist group. >> really trying to give point of view here.
5:43 pm
you are atheist, nonbeliever, i respect that that's fine. i don't look down on you. i don't think you are a pinhead. >> thank you. >> bill: if you want to be an atheist that's why we have america. be it. why are you messing around with my tradition? why are you messing around with christmas? just leave it alone. is there a compelling reason for you to mess around with it. >> we are only messing around -- we are not messing around with anything. we're stopping the government from preferring one religion over another. >> bill: stop there. >> no. >> no. >> bill: no, no, no, no. you listen to me and answer my questions. >> i try to enat questions, go ahead. >> bill: what religion is involved with christmas? what religion? >> christianity. >> bill: that's not a religion. that's a philosophy. >> okay. so, since the dawn of time the winter solstice has been celebrated by multiple religions. >> bill: winter solstice. >> shortest dave the year. evergreen trees because they don't die, giving gifts, family songs. >> bill: you like the winter soltis. >> i do.
5:44 pm
>> bill: so celebrated it. >> we do. >> bill: can you celebrate winter soltis. >> yes. >> bill: anyway you want. >> and christmas. but our government can't take sides. the government says this is a good religion are and this a bad religion. the government can't say this is a christmas tree. >> bill: mr. silverman, it is a fact that christianity is not a religion. it is a philosophy. if the government was saying that the methodist religion, all right, deserves a special place in the public square, i would be on your side. >> so you are going to actually tell me on live television that christianity is not a religion? >> bill: correct, it is a philosophy. >> you and i are going to fundamentally disagree on that point. >> bill: you are wrong. >> roman catholicism is a religion. judaism is a religion. >> they are sects of christianity. you know what? it's really not cool for you to try to. >> bill: not cool? >> not cool for you to cloud their. this issue is about religious neutrality from the government. the government says -- the government is not awill youd
5:45 pm
to pick sides and say religious belief or philosophy, fine. over another. >> bill: the government cannot promote a religion. >> no it says the congress shall not establish any laws respecting -- >> bill: reaj, not a philosophy. >> so you wouldn't have a problem then then with the government of the united states establishing atheism because that's also a philosophy. that would be fair for you. >> bill: establishing it? what does that mean. >> in governed we don't trust in all coins. one nation under no god in the pledge of allegiance. >> bill: if you wanted to go up to albany, new york and put a happy winter solstice on andrew cuomo's office door i have no problem with it it? >> yes you would. i think you would. >> bill: don't tell me what i think. when i said i don't i didn't haa problem i don't have a problem. got it. >> sir, sir, you would have a problem with it. >> bill: no i would not. >> i would challenge you on that. >> bill: don't challenge me. you are ridiculous. >> i watch your show, look. >> bill: you are ridiculous. >> it wouldn't be right either.
5:46 pm
because the governor is not in a position of promoting atheism. >> bill: winter solstice is not a religion. it's a holiday. if he wants to put winter soltis up on door i have no problem with it. >> you are right it could be secular. if you put up there. >> bill: jesus christ he was a man. christmas tree is a secular symbol. nothing to do with christianity. >> what's that first word? >> bill: secular symbol. >> christmas. christmas is a christmas tree. >> bill: this is so unreasonable. you are so unreasonable. >> no it's not unreasonable. >> bill: it's frightening. >> i'm not unreasonable at all. i'm saying the government has to be fair. the government has to not take sides. everybody is equal. >> bill: it's a federal holiday. why don't you get off your butt and get it revoked. >> don't have the votes. >> bill: of course you don't because your view is insane. >> no, it's not. you can celebrate christmas without being a christian.
5:47 pm
>> you can celebrate christmas without being a christmas by force you can't go to work, can't get your mail you can't go to the bank. >> bill: you can't go to work. >> no, you can't. >> bill: yes you can. >> are you going to be working on christmas. >> bill: i don't work on christmas. >> 99% of the country doesn't either because it's a federal holiday. >> bill: you and your merry band of fascists you get it revoked. >> you called me a fascist. >> bill: absolutely you are. >> i am a patriot, sir. >> bill: you are a fascist. >> crazy notion that everybody in this country is equal and the government has to treat everybody fairly. >> bill: banish christmas trees. >> did i not say banish christmas trees. >> bill: from the public square. that's what you do. >> that's not what i do. stop telling me what i do. we demand equality from the government and our constitutional right and you should be demanding it along with me. >> bill: your equality is ensured. nobody is infringing on your equality weecialghts will be
5:48 pm
taking darwin day off next year by force. it's a winter holiday. >> bill: nobody is going to stop you. >> right you won't but i also have to take off christmas because it's a mandated federal holiday. >> bill: you run this organization? you run this atheist organization. >> i run american atheists. >> bill: keep it open. >> while we are on the topic of christmas, if you are looking for a great christmas gift be sure to check out bill o' where you can order any of the three best sellers killing kennedy, killing lincoln or children's book lincoln's last days. if you want to want your book signed order by monday. check out the site this he could would. all the money from bill o' comes from charity. still the most controversial story of the night. a group of doctors want to give teenage girls the morning after pill just in case they might need it. o'reilly and leno and late night. like you have never seen it before. moments away. from the best players in history
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>> laura: in the second unresolved problem segment tonight be the most controversial story of the evening. imagine sending your young daughter to the pediatrician for a checkup only to have her come home with a prescription for the morning after pill? well, the american academy of pediatrics is now encouraging doctors to give their teenage patients prescriptions for emergency contraception. joining me now is dr. laura burman a sex educator and a therapist and the host of in the bedroom on own. dr. burman, first of all, let me tell you i think this is probably one of the more outyaj just things i have seen this week. >> more than banning christmas. >> laura: i'm away from politics a lot this week. this? i have a young daughter and i think of a doctor telling a mom to leave the room so he can tell a young girl, maybe
5:53 pm
she is a christian girl, doesn't believe in this. her religion doesn't believe in this. telling the young girl well, if you have sex, can you use this morning after pill which includes things like dangers like thrombosis, pulmonary embolism. you can get a heart attack. you can have severe bleeding. retinal thrombosis. all sorts of hazards associated with taking that which is a big big big dose of hormones for young girls. how you can defend, this doctor? >> okay. well, first of all, i know this is a hot button topic. doctors are not telling girls if you have sex you can use this prescription. what the academy is recommending is that the research has shown that adolescents are less likely to use the emergency contraceptive unless they already have a prescription. now i agree with you that this is a personal issue that each parent should be the primary sex educator of their children and if you don't like this idea, it's totally behooves you to talk to your
5:54 pm
pediatrician before they see your child and find out where they stand on this and find a different pediatrician if you don't like the answer. but i will tell you this, we have the highest pregnancy rate in almost any industrialized nation. 34% of teenage girls are goi pr. >> laura: we have a bringing problem in our culture. >> we have a big problem. bill buy. >> laura: girls sexualized at earlier and earlier ages. >> i agree with you but giving girls this medication, there are no long-term survey studies done on the effect of this dose of hormones to young women. what effect on their fertility, what effect on increases of cancer possibilities and then we have all these other risks associated with it with pulmonary embolism and thrombosis. >> any medication there are risks. you should know what prescriptions your doctor is giving your child. i absolutely agree with you
5:55 pm
there. but you have to understand that this is a conversation that is in a larger context. and the research is vetting that information does not mean permission. and if you just look at gardasil, the research on the hpv vaccine those girls are less risky than the girls who aren't getting the vaccine because of the conversations they are having in doctors office. >> laura: giving the girls a pills. that's a message. >> prescriptions. >> laura: the prescription for the pills. i think it's diverting parental rights. dr. burman, up next, o'reilly, leno and the war on christmas. you don't want to miss this one 60 seconds away. because your daughter really wants that pink castle thing. and you realldon't want to pay more than you have to. only citi price rewind automatically searches for the lowest price. and if it findone, you get refunded the difference. just use your citi card and register your purchase online.
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